Crust ‘n’ Crumb

We do it differently…

Crust ‘n’ Crumb Food Ingredients Pvt. Ltd., a global player in the Baking & Confectionary industry, specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing of creative and innovative baking solutions to industrial bakers, commercial and craft bakers, food service companies, confectionery manufactures and flour millers.

Crust ‘n’ Crumb, in collaboration with Millbo, Italy, a brand presence in food enzymes and bakery ingredients, offers a wide range of Bread and Flour Improvers, Cake Mixes and Concentrates, Confectionery and Pastry Mixes, Fruit Fillings, Jam, Glazes, Sugar Free Mixes, Egg Free Mixes, Food Colours and Flavours.. Here the science and art of baking  are blended effectively for a delightful aroma, appealing structure and gorgeous taste.

We Believe in…

  • innovation through research
  • providing the most advanced and international-quality baking ingredients to our customers
  • introducing ever more effective manufacturing and production processes to ensure quality and timely delivery
  • ensuring complete customer satisfaction through fair business codes
  • offering price value advantage

Product development and improvement are on going processes in Crust n Crumb. Our commitment for innovation is the foundation for our success. A team of food technologists and professionals explore the possibilities of creation for a modern baker in different countries, traditions and eating habits. R&D team in India works in close coordination with their counter parts in Italy.

Our Commitment

We are committed to develop innovative & value added ingredient solutions

To work with our customers closely to understand your present requirements and face the future needs

Our Strength

Passion for innovation

Our strategic partners