Crustoffin RM Choco EFEgg Free Chocolate Muffin Mix

CRUSTOFFIN RM CHOCO EF is a premix for the preparation of egg less chocolate
muffins of excellent taste, texture and appearance.


Crustoffin RM CHOCO EF 1000 g
Water  400 g
Vegetable Oil  280 g



1. Place Crustoffin RM CHOCO EF and water to the mixing bowl and blend with a pedal type blade at slow speed for 1minute.
2. Then mix at medium speed for 3 minutes.
3. Scrape down the batter.
4. Add oil and mix for 1 minute at slow speed.
5. Scale as required in to cups.
6. Bake as specified.

Baking Temperature : 185-195oC, Baking Time : 25-30 minutes / until baked well.
Baking time may vary with oven type and scaling size.

Package Size

1 Kg , 5 Kg Bag & 25 Kg Bag/ Product Code: LB8021