Crustophee LavaEgg Free Lava cake mix

CRUSTOPHEE Lava is a premix for the preparation of egg free Lava cakes of good colour, mouth melting texture, excellent taste and sufficient chocolate lava. The product is more convenient to process and there is no requirement of additional chocolate and butter.


Crustophee Lava 1000 g
Oil 535 g
Water 400 g


1. Mix all ingredients with a pedal attachment on low speed for 1 minute using a flat blade.
2. Scrape down the batter. Mix on high speed for 3 minutes.
3. Scale as required in to greased / oiled moulds of lava cake (muffin moulds). Pour the batter almost full level of the mould.
4. Bake in a deck oven as specified.
5. Cool down to room temperature. Keep in chiller (7-120C) until serve.
6. Re-heat in a conventional or microwave oven for 5-10 seconds prior to serve.

Baking Temperature : 240oC( Top) & 210oC( Bottom) , Baking Time : 6-8 minutes.
Baking temperature and time are very important for the formation of lava cake with excellent quality.

Package Size

5 1 Kg , 5 Kg & 25 Kg Bag/ Product Code: LB7022