Crustoffin RM SFSugar Free Muffin mix

CRUSTOFFIN RM SF is a premix for the preparation of sugar-free muffin of excellent quality and low GI value that of regular sugar muffins.


Crustoffin RM SF 1000g
Egg 350g
Water 210g
Vegetable Oil 250g


Add Water, Egg, Crustoffin RM SF to the mixing bowl 
Blend with a pedal blade on slow speed for 1minute.
Scrape down the batter and mix again for 3minutes at medium speed.
Scrape down the batter and add Oil. Mix at slow speed for 1minute.
Scale as required in intops.
Bake at 180°C for 20 to 25 minutes / Until baked well.
Baking time may vary with oven type and scaling size.

Package Size

5 Kg / 25 Kg Bag/ Product Code: B8006