CANDIED FRUITS - Crustotutty SC 70 – YellowTutty fruity with yellow colour

Glazed Papaya with Yellow Colour (Tutty Fruity)

CRUSTTUTTY SC 70 GREEN  is uniformly sized Papaya cubes, candied and glazed for industrial application. The product is having unique green colour and commonly known as “Tutty fruity”




CRUSTOTUTTY SC 70 YELLOW is widely used for decoration and filling of following products

  • Various kind of bakery products like buns, cakes, muffins, bread etc
  • Various kind of desserts like ice creams, puddings, creams etc.

CRUSTOTUTTY SC 70 GREEN enhances overall appearance and sweetness of the finished products.

Package Size

10Kg & 15Kg Cartons./ Product Code: M18003