Crustomix SpicyHot & Spicy Bread Concentrate

CRUSTOMIX SPICY is a concentrated mix for the preparation of Hot & Spice bread. It is a balanced blend of natural Indian seasonings with really hot note and unique flavor.


Crustomix Spicy 250 g
Bread Flour  750 g
Instant Dry Yeast  10 – 20 g
Cold Water  590-640 g
Fat (optional) 30 g
Sugar (Optional) 30 g



1.Mix all the ingredients at slowspeed for one minute and high speed for 5-6 minutes or until the dough develops well 
2.Divide it in to required quantity (Recommended Volume/ Mass ratio is 4)
3.Keep it for 50 – 60 minutes for rising in a proofer (35 – 40oC and 70 – 80% RH)
4.Bake as specified.
5.Cool it on wire racks.

Bake in a oven at 200 – 220oC for 20 Minutes / Until bake well.

Package Size

5kg Bags / Product Code: LB2006