BREAD IMPROVERS - Crustozyme SP 2000Bromate Free Bread softener

CRUSTOZYME SP 2000 is an improver for a different type of breads. It will increase the volume, impart fine crumb structure and improve the softness of baked products. The softness of bread will be retained over the shelf life.



CRUSTOZYME SP 2000 is designed for a “Fluffy Soft” in various types of breads. The recommended dosage is 0.5% of flour weight.

In straight dough process it is recommended to add CRUSTOZYME SP 2000 in the mixer along with e wheat flour. Proper dry mixing must be given before addition of the water for the better performance.

In sponge and dough system, CRUSTOZYME SP 2000 to be added in the second stage of mixing (dough stage)

Package Size

1kg, 5kg & 25 Kg Bags/ Product Code: B1009