CRUSTOMIX PIZZA BASEPizza Base Concentrate

Crustomix Pizza Base is a concentrated mix for the preparation of pizza base of excellent quality.


Crustomix Pizza Base 50 g
Refined Wheat flour (Maida)  950 g
Vegetable Oil 100- 110 g
Warm Water  500 -550 g
Instant Yeast (Dry)  10 -15 g
(Fresh Yeast can be use instead of Dried
yeast @ 20-30g)




1. Dry blend the Crustomix Pizza Base with wheat flour and yeast (in case of instant yeast).
2. Add water and oil to the mix.
3. Mix in a planetary mixer with “j” hook / spiral hook on medium speed for 7-8 minutes/
until the dough develops well.
4. Keep the dough for proofing for 30 minutes.
5. Cutting and rolling / sheeting based on the pan size.
6. Pierce the dough with a dough docker or fork.
7. Keep the sheeted pizza in chiller as per requirement.
8. Take out from the chiller and keep it for 5 minutes to normalize the temperature.
9. Bake as specified

Baking Temperature : 200-210oC, Baking Time : 12 minutes / until baked well.
Baking time may vary with oven type and scaling size.

Package Size

1 Kg Bag/ Product Code: LB8036