CRUSTOSUB EGG is a highly standardized system for the partial replacement of eggs in bakery recipes.

Natural solution.
Can replace 20-25% of egg in the recipe
Cost reduction with improved freshness to the final product.
Healthy & convenient.
Wide range of application


How to Replace
Use 80 % of egg, 5 % of Crustosub egg & 15% of water based on total eggs quantity.


1. Add Crustosub Egg with remaining quantity of egg and water.
2. Add salt if it is present in the final recipe.
3. Break the egg yolk using a whisk.
4. Hold it for 30 – 60 minutes at normal temperature (Holding will improve the results)

Note: Use the egg and water at normal temperature.

Package Size

5kg & 25kg Bags/Product Code: LB6002